Washington D.C Zoo

                                  This is about my experience at the D.C Zoo.

         It took about 4 hours to get there,  but when we got there it was a dream come true.  I got to see all the animals at the zoo.   I saw the white  house but unfortunately, it took 45 minutes to get there.  Because we went around in cycles .

        Then we went inside and went on the elephant trail and saw a baby and  large elephants.  In that habitat, I saw lots of trees and bushes.  I wounder why there were no peanuts?  Then we reached the end so we went to the turtles.


     We went to the turtle habitat and we saw all of these turtles and men they were funny.  One turtle was trying to get on a rock and it fell like 10 times.  That is why I call him clumsy.  There were a lot of turtles and facts.  Some turtles were edict like sea turtles.


    Then we went to the apes.They were funny too they made poses and played with there food.They also have facts and they were climbing on this line above us I wish I was higher so I could play it.

Then we went to the gift shop everything was expensive so we got water bottles.  And then we went home.  So that is what my experience at the D.C zoo.





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