M4 Review Analysis (Nazi Assault Exhibit)

Nazi Assault

“The Nazi Assault” Exhibit is located on the very top floor, where you start off as part of the permanent exhibit. The exhibit explains the history of the Jews and why they are so disliked in the very beginning. There are 3-4 minute films you can watch about it. Then, the rest of the exhibit chronologically orders the events in Germany of the Nazi Party’s rise of power.  This floor explores the propaganda, terror, violence, and state-sponsored racism of this totalitarian state allowed victimization to escalate. Along the way, small paragraphs and notes are available for you to read along the way, as well as pictures, videos and audios. This exhibit is very interesting and it gives a great background to the Holocaust. This exhibit along with the others are very long and time consuming, so I would recommend spending 1 – 3 hours and wearing comfortable shoes because there is a lot of walking. Make sure to take your time and read everything carefully.

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