M4 Review Analysis (Final Solution Exhibit)

The Final Solution


The middle floor of the Permanent Exhibit examines the wartime evolution of Mazi policy towards the Jew, from persecution to mass murder. As Germany expanded its territory across Europe, Nazi officials segregated Europe’s Jews from the rest of the population through laws, special markings, and relocation to the ghettos. A major focus of this floor is the world of the concentration camp, which rapidly expanded in the 1940s. An audio theater on this floor presents the testimony of Holocaust survivors in Voices of Auschwitz. You can listen to the audios presented in this exhibit, as well as reading along. This is a great way to learn about the concentration camp, life, and perspective of it from a Jew. A suggestion is to take your time and really listen to the survivors. Also taking your time in general to just experience the exhibit is great too.

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