M4 Review Analysis (Daniel’s Story Exhibit)

Daniel’s Story


The exhibit tells the story of a boy named Daniel who lived through the holocaust. The 1st part of the exhibit is about Daniel’s life before the war. Then it takes you through Daniel’s experiences as the Germans hatred for the Jews grew. Throughout the exhibit, you can read all of the journal entries that are on display, which helps you to understand Daniel’s feelings and experiences even more. There were also interactive parts of the exhibit. There were a few videos that gave a brief explanation on the holocaust from a child’s point of view, and audios to listen to. This is a free exhibit and it’s child friendly. It puts the holocaust into a way that younger kids can understand. The 3rd part of the exhibit shows how Daniel’s life was drastically different when his family was forced to live in the Ghetto. You see how Daniel’s living environment is before the war, and then the stark and bleak environment he was forced into as a result of the Nazi’s actions. This exhibit also shows Daniel’s life in the concentration camp, but in a non graphic way. A warning is that the spaces are pretty tight, so you can’t push a stroller around. I would spend at least 30 minutes in here to really explore everything. I would recommend this for children ages 7 and up.

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