Music 7/8

Music 7/8 info:

The major objectives of the Music 7 course are:

  • To help students recognize music as an avenue of one’s own personal expression.
  • To help students recognize that tangible involvement with music is central to all musical expression.
  • To help students recognize that involvement means: responding to music by listening, analyzing and moving; and creating music by singing and playing instruments.
  • To show music’s relationship to other academic subjects and to help students improve abilities that may improve their life skills.

Major topics to be covered:

  • Introduction to your School, State and Country:  “Alma Mater” and “Fight Song” – use of guitar and percussion; “PennsylvaniaPA State Song; “Uncle Sam Is Calling Me” – song celebrating Native American involvement in World Wars I & II; and the “Star Spangled Banner”.
  • Elements of Music – STOMP”.
  • A Musical – “Oliver!”

There will be a culminating assessment in the first unit and writing responses in all units.  A project will culminate the Stomp Unit.  Performance activities occur in all three units and involve singing and the playing of instruments, primarily guitars and percussion.  Students may also earn class participation and extra credit points by playing instruments and answering questions in support of all of the units of this course.  Students are expected to attend class with fully charged, school-issued laptops as we will be using  the Spartan Learning Portal (SLP) on a daily basis.  Activities and resources may be found on the SLP and due dates for all assignments may be found on either the SLP or PowerSchool.

Please email Mr. Stover with questions at: .

Please call Mr. Stover at: 717-354-1561, extension 3708.

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