Arabic Enrichment

Arabic Enrichment students exploring Arabic with Rosetta Stone.

Arabic Enrichment students exploring Arabic with Rosetta Stone.

The Arabic Enrichment Activity started in the Fall of 2010 and will continue this school year (2016/2017).  The Elanco School District is providing the opportunity for students at the elementary and middle school levels to experience a unique cultural enrichment activity as a part of the District’s mission to prepare our students to be full participants in an increasingly global society and marketplace.

This enrichment activity focuses on increasing students’ awareness of the Arabic language and culture. The students learn common phrases and basic vocabulary, play games, sing songs and play instruments. Language learning is an important part of brain development in young children and has been proven to increase test scores of school-age children.

Resources and Links:

AEC – Greeting slide only

AEC Lesson 2

AEC Lesson 3-2012

AEC – 4 – Slide 1

AEC – 4 – Slide 2

AEC – 4 – Slide 3

AEC Lesson 5- numbers-2013

AEC Lesson 6 – Letters

AEC Lesson 7 – Sports

Ana 3andi Kura

Money dialogue

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