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Month: March 2016

Another Recommendation!


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The Cuckoo’s Egg by Cliff Stoll tells the story of an astronomer  who discovered a slight irregularity in their computer system when he became a systems manager in the 1980s.   Out of curiosity, and maybe boredom, he chose to investigate it and ended up tracking a cyber spy for about a year.   He details the ways he devised to track the spy without being detected and the various creative routes the hacker used to accomplish his goal.    Before it was resolved, the military, FBI,  CIA, and others were all involved and watching his progress.

Fascinating Read!

Special Feature

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I just finished Flight of Passage by Rinker Buck and recommend it to you.  It is the true story of two boys, ages 17 and 15, who totally rebuilt a Piper Cub airplane over the winter of 1966/67and then flew it from New Jersey to California the following summer  – without a radio.  I don’t know if you can even do that now!

Lots of flying information and adventures, and a mention of New Holland airport.  Yes there really was one.  It was where Airport Drive and Runway Avenue are now, not far from New Holland Elementary School.  If your grandparents are from New Holland, they will remember it.


As we look toward Spring with eager anticipation of warmer days, brighter sunshine, and new beginnings, consider brightening your reading with some changes and some different books.

If you’ve always enjoyed:

Mysteries – try reading a book on criminology or true crime.

Realistic fiction – try some biographies

Dystopian – try Science fiction or fantasy

History – try historical fiction

Action/Adventure  – try some real life adventure accounts or epic disasters

Branch out.  Explore. Try something new.

There is no risk in a library book – unless you get hooked on reading!


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