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And what is romance without Nicholas Sparks?  You loved him in The Notebook and you will also love him in one of his many other books.  Try At First Sight, Message in a Bottle, Safe Haven, and Dear John.

Or try some of these other popular authors:
Melissa Kantor in The Breakup Bible, which is a book about recovering from a romantic breakup.  Always good information to have!

Sarah Dessen in Along for the Ride or one of her other fun books.

Jerry Spinelli in Stargirl, a book about the joys and perils of first love.

Tucker Shaw in Flavor of the Week, which includes yummy recipes along with a mixed up love triangle.

Or read a real life love story with a real princess – William and Kate

Or try a classic like Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak, a love story set in the middle of the Russian Revolution.