Have you tried an e-book?  The LMC has recently added more e-books to the collection, so there are more than 200 to choose from.   E-books, or electronic books, can be read on your laptop, smartphone, IPad, Kindle, and other mobile devices.  They can be read anywhere, anytime, and don’t take up room in your locker or backpack.  One of the best things about e-books from a student’s point of view, is that one never has to pay a fine for an e-book!  E-books can be checked out, just like a print book.  The difference is that an e-book will be automatically checked back in on the due date.  It “magically” disappears from your account and mobile device.   So, e-books can never be overdue!  This is an advantage for students who can’t seem to get to the LMC or get books back on the due dates.  If you aren’t finished with the book, you can check it out again.

I have accessed e-books on my Smartphone and find them easy to use.  I always have my phone with me, so I always have something to read.  They can certainly make time go by more quickly when you are standing in a long line, or sitting in a waiting room. They are great for SSR, or when you have nothing to do in Homework Club or ISpartan!

E-books can also be read without actually checking them out.  You can simply access the book, read it, and then close the book.  It is like taking a book off the shelf in the LMC, reading it for awhile, and then putting it back on the shelf.  For example, you can access a reference book like Novels for Students, and search for the information you need.  You can print the pages you want, or take notes, and then close the book.

Many e-books can be used by more than one person at the same time.  These are called “unlimited subscriptions.”  This means you and a friend can read the same book at the same time, or a class can access the same book.  But, some e-books, especially young adult fiction titles, are limited to one user at a time. This means only one person can read it at a time.  Whether a book is limited to one user, or has an unlimited use, is determined by the publisher, and not the LMC.  The LMC likes to purchase unlimited subscription e-books, but some titles just aren’t available this way.

You can find e-books two ways. You can go to the Destiny Catalog to search for a title.  E-books are indicated by a blue e next to the title.  Another way is to use Follett Shelf.  There is a link to this from the Destiny Catalog.  Follett Shelf lists all the e-books in the collection.  To use an e-book you must log into Destiny or Follett Shelf with your school user name and password.

E-books are easy to use and provide a different way for reading.  Try one out!  If you want to access them from your smartphone, Kindle, or Ipad, stop in the LMC for a handout that explains how to to this.

Whether you prefer books in print, or as an e-book, keep on reading!