Spring and baseball just naturally go together.  Once baseball season begins, baseball fans spend their weekends watching games and cheering for their home team.  Along with watching the game, this is a good time to read about it, so here are some suggestions for all the baseball fans.

Baseball Crazy edited by Nancy E. Mercado is a collection of short stories that celebrate all aspects of the game, from sitting in the stands hoping to catch a fly ball, to being on the diamond and experiencing the pressure of being the pitcher.   The stories will be enjoyed by everyone who plays or watches baseball.

In Shakespeare Bats Cleanup by Ronald Koertge, 14-year-old Kevin Bland is an MVP who gets sick and is suddenly benched.  He is frustrated that he is missing the entire season. He pours his frustrations into a journal where he writes about baseball, friendships, girlfriends, and his family.  The stories are written in different styles of poetry, but don’t let this scare you away from this entertaining book.  The poetry is easy to read!

High Heat by Carl Deuker has lots of baseball action along with a good story.  When Shane Hunter’s dad commits suicide, Shane, his mother, and sister, find themselves in economic trouble and have to move out of their huge house into an apartment in another part of town.  Shane makes some bad choices including robbing a store.  As part of his sentence, he has to help repair a town’s baseball diamond.  He meets the coach of his new school, who talks Shane into joining the team.  Shane enjoys the team and gains confidence as a player. But, when his new team faces the team from his old high school, Shane has a difficult time coping with his feelings of anger and resentment over the loss of his former life.

Another novel filled with play-by-play baseball action is The Boy Who Saved Baseball by John Ritter. The kids of Dillontown love baseball, but the 100-year-old stadium in town is threatened by a development company that plans to tear it down to build a shopping mall.  Tom Gallagher decides to appeal to the owner of the land, Doc, who is elderly, wealthy, and a bit unconventional.  Doc decides that the fate of the town should be decided by a baseball game between Dillontown and a neighboring team.  Tom is worried that they are going to lose so he tries to recruit a former major league player to be on the team.  The night before the big game, a boy named Cruz de la Cruz, comes to town and offers to play.  Can Dillontown win and keep baseball in its town?  Read this book to find out!

So, baseball fans, grab a book and read about your favorite sport!  These and other baseball books in the library can keep you reading through the World Series!