I love The Hunger Games!   I love Katniss, the strong heroine who risks her own life to save her little sister, Primrose, and who keeps her family from starving.   I love the fast-moving story that kept me turning the pages wondering what was going to happen next.  I knew that many characters were going to die, but how?  I loved all the questions the story raised.  Will Katniss come to love Peeta, or will she go home and realize she loves Gale?  What happens to Haymitch and Cinna?  What will President Snow do to Katniss and Peeta  for changing the rules of the games?  Will Gale succeed in raising a rebellion against the Capitol?

As a library media specialist I love the book because students want to read them!  They come in asking for The Hunger Games, and then they are hooked!   They want to read Catching Fire and Mockingjay.  There is a waiting list for all of them and we have multiple copies of each.  Students are excited about the upcoming movie, but actually want to READ the book first! I know students who have bought the entire series for their e-reader.   I have adults asking for them too.  It is the type of series children and parents can both read, discuss, and enjoy.

In connection with the movie release on March 23, the LMC is holding a trivia contest.  Students can enter online and answer 25 questions about the book.   Everyone who gets all 25 questions correct, will be entered into a drawing. Prizes include copies of the books, gift cards, the Official Movie Companion, the movie tie-in edition, and a poster.  I had fun developing the questions, and I hope students enjoy answering them! 

Thanks Suzanne Collins for writing a wonderful series that can be enjoyed by so many readers!