Every December I find my copy of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol and read once more about Mr. Scrooge and how he discovered the true meaning of Christmas.  While I enjoy reading this book each year, I also search out other holiday novels to put me in the spirit of the season.  Here are a few suggestions for anyone looking for some season’s readings!

Dash & Lily’s Book of Dares by Rachel Cohen and David Levithan is a good choice if you like holiday romance.  Lily wants to meet the perfect guy, so she comes up with a plan to leave a note in a book in old bookstore in New York City.  Whoever finds the note, must follow clues to find her.  Dash discovers the note and begins the search. What follows is a scavenger hunt as Dash and Lily leave intriguing clues for each other around the city. Will they find each other?   Will they fall in love? Anything could happen at Christmas time!

Sam I Am by Ileene Cooper explores the feelings of a boy who has a Jewish father and a Christian mother.  He is totally confused by all the relgious and secular traditions and can’t figure out whether he should focus on Hanukkah or Christmas.  He comes to realize that there are no clear cut answers as his family works to blend a variety of traditions.

In Birdland by Tracy Mack, a teen-age boy decides to work on a film project for school during his holiday break. As he films scenes throughout New York City he is continually reminded of his older brother who died the year before.  The holiday is bittersweet for him as he tries to come to terms with his brother’s death.

A teen who has been kicked out of school and is seeking his missing mother finds refuge over the holidays with a friend and his family who offer him a temporary home in the book, St. Iggy. Their caring and support make him question many of the life choices he has made and realizes he could make a better life for himself.

Try some of these holiday stories while you sit inside and enjoy some hot chocolate!