How we can help

Here are some things we can all do to help our neighbors. We can help my neighbors by giving them fresh eggs from my chickens. We can also help my neighbors by letting them borrow books and or movies to keep them occupied. We can check on them by having my mom text them.  We can give them some ingredients for cooking or other things they can bake. Another thing we can do to help our neighbors is making sure we stay inside our house and stay away from the spread of coronavirus. Thanks for reading stay home and stay healthy.

Taking care of our earth

We can all take great care of the earth we just have to do a few things to help protect it. Some things we can do are biking more and driving less this will reduce fossil fuel use. Throw away fewer papers and recycle more. Use reusable bags whenever you go to the store, also try to take shorter baths or sowers to preserve water. These are just a few things we can all do to help the earth.


Saving the earth day by day

One thing we can do daily is dimming the light on our screens to save energy. We can save the earth weekly by not using your cars as much to save gas. Something we can do monthly is using reusable bags instead of plastic bags when we go to the store. Some things we can do is also cut back on all the water we’re using like baths and try not to leave the sink faucet on. But of course, we can do all of these things daily to help the environment.


Hello fellow bloggers, my teacher asked me to write about how I’m feeling about online school. To be honest, I’m kind of happy to be doing school from the comfort of home, but I really miss my friends. My teacher also asked me to write about what I’m doing at home. I have been playing with my pet turkey named Smokey and doing some school work as well as reading my book for our book report.