Adventure Aquarium

After visiting Adventure Aquarium I am very eager to write a review and tell you about all the fun things to do.

Adventure Aquarium is located in Camden, New Jersey. You can park in a parking garage or park near the aquarium. Its operating hours are from 9:30am-5:00pm but the hours are subjected to change. 


The admission costs are free for 2 or younger, $21.99 for 2-12, and $31.99 for 13 and up. You can park in the parking garage not too far from it or pay for a parking pass. You can bring a camera and food, or you can buy your food there. There are tables inside or you can sit outside at the picnic tables during the hotter months. Wear seasonal clothes. You must see the Hippos, the penguins, see the Seahorses and the kid zone. Some things you must do,  Walk the Shark Bridge, See the rescued baby turtles, Pet a Shark, and Feed a stingray. 


 There are also many things you can experience other than the animals, such as Meet the Mermaids November 1 through Tuesday, November 10, Christmas Underwater where you can meet scuba Santa or even Shark in the Dark where you explore the aquarium go behind the scenes and even sleepover. There are also memberships you can get as well, such as the Regular Adult 13+$54.99*  Children 2-12 $36.99*, and the Gold Adult $69.99 Children 2-12 $54.99 (note the price is per person).

7 thoughts on “Adventure Aquarium

  1. I like that you told me were you could eat. I wish you told me more about the things you did. I wonder what a gold adult is.

  2. I like how you told about many things to do. I wish you would have said how long you stay. I wonder what your favorite thing there was.

  3. I liked how you chose an aquarium.
    I wish you put a little more detail about the sites.
    I wonder if I would like the aquarium you went to.

  4. I love how you chose an aquarium.
    I wish you would have told more about what animals you saw.
    I wonder if you have been to any other aquariums.

  5. I liked how you told me about the extra special events like the shark in the dark thing. I wish you would’ve told me more about what places you could get food at. \I wonder why you didn’t tell me more about the extra events.

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