November 8

Christmas Child- Updated December 1st

Purchased items are in redReserved items are in green.

Our class will be sponsoring an eleven year old girl for Christmas.  You may wish to purchase something for her that you think an eleven year old would enjoy.  We also have a wish list of some items she needs and would like for Christmas. Please send all items into school unwrapped.

I plan to update my blog daily with gifts that have been purchased for our child. You can also look for updates in our homework folders on Fridays. If you would like to purchase a specific item off the list, feel free to send me a quick note to check if someone else has already purchased it.  If no one has then I will reserve that item for you, if you desire.

Any money that is collected will be compiled to purchase remaining items off her wish list.  Thank you for helping to make this a merry Christmas for her.

Wish List of Needs:

  • Sweaters (size 14/16)
  • Shirts (size 14/16) 1- Long Sleeve gray shirt
  • Socks 
  • Personal Hygiene items- Shampoo/Conditioner, Deodorant

Wish List of Wants:

  • Earbuds
  • Lip gloss kit
  • books (5th-6th grade reading level) “Bailey’s Story” by W. Bruce Cameron
  • perfume
  • craft and art kits –Rainbow Jewelry Studio, Paint Sticks, Deluxe Planner
  • anything that has to do with electronics
  • squishy

*You may also send in small items to be used as stocking stuffers

 Coat Size: Large                                                    Top Size: 14/16

Pant Sizes: Size 16/Large  –1 pair jeggings      Shoe Size: 8

Favorite color: Purple


November 8

Add It Up!

As you know, we have currently been talking about addition with and without regrouping in math class. This is a fun song that we made to help students remember how to add two numbers with and without regrouping. Make sure that your child shows you the hand motions that go with it!  (I apologize in advance for it getting stuck in your head! :P)



October 20

Fire Prevention

Today we went to the fire prevention program with our language arts class. The students learned what to do in case of a fire or another form of emergency. They were able to go in an ambulance and fire truck as they learned about what to do in emergencies.

October 19

Red Ribbon Week

Brecknock Elementary Red Ribbon Spirit Week

October 23-October 27, 2016

“Your future is key so stay drug free!”

Monday, 10/23– “Your future is KEY,” for you and me. Role Reversal- Students dress like staff and staff dress like students.

Tuesday, 10/24– “Your future is KEY,” so eat healthy. Apple crunch day- Wear red.

Wednesday, 10/25– “Your future is KEY,” so dream what you could be. Dress like someone you want to be in the future.

Thursday, 10/26– “Your future is KEY,” so be safe when being silly. Dress in something mismatched.

Friday, 10/27- “Your future is KEY,” so fitness is a priority. Staff and students walk around Brecknock before the start of school. Wear your favorite sport team’s shirt and sneakers.

October 16

Fact Family

Last week we started our new unit which focuses on problem solving. If you need a new study guide, go to the math tab of my blog and click on the unit 1 study guide.

Last week we focused on learning how addition and subtraction facts are related in fact families.  On Friday we did an activity where students had to walk around the room looking for other students who were in their fact family.  You know facts are related if they use the same numbers (example: 2+3=5, 3+2=5, 5-2=3, 5-3=2). Once students found their family they posed for a “family photo”.

October 6

bee sun

                      “Bee” a “bright” kid!


This week, the second graders participated in a Think! Energy with E-power Bright Kids program. At the assembly, students learned about energy and natural resources. The students were told which of our resources were renewable and which were nonrenewable. They were also told a few new tricks on how to save energy as well as the importance of saving energy.

The assembly also discussed open and closed circuits. We did a fun experiment to learn that we were all conductors of energy! Each second grader stood palm to palm to make a closed circuit which made the “energy stick” light up. We then tested paper and aluminum foil to see if they were conductors or insulators. Each teacher was given an energy stick for their classroom.

Each child that returned their permission slip took home a Bright Kids Energy Kit. Inside of the kit is light bulbs, a night light, stickers and a pamphlet. All that PPL asks is that you complete and return the family worksheet. Please send in the family worksheet no later than October 18th. 


October 2

“Change your words, change your mindset.”

Hello Families!

Today was such a great first day back! The kiddos were all so well behaved! In language arts my class learned about growth mindset. Growth mindset is just a different way of thinking. Instead of believing that you’re either good at something or not, it’s the belief that with practice and perseverance, you can do it!

Along with the information that your child brought home on growth mindset, feel free to learn more about it by watching the videos below.

September 19

Upcoming Events

Hello families! I cannot believe that we are already nearing the end of September! I can already tell that this school year is going to fly by. I just wanted to update my blog with some important events that are coming up within the next month or so. I am so excited to be coming back in less than two weeks. The first day or so after my return we will review rules, routines, expectations and get to know each other some more. I cannot wait to get to know your child and continue this rewarding year with your kiddo.

Here are some important events coming up. Mark your calendars with the following-

October 2nd- Blue Shirt Day, Mrs. Henn returns

October 5th- Picture Day

October 6th- Early Dismissal (12:30)

October 9th- No School for the kiddos

October 20th- Fire Prevention Program

October 27th- Fall Harvest Party- We will be celebrating this in our homerooms. Please be on the lookout for more information about volunteering for this celebration or donating food/craft items for it. If you would like to come in to volunteer, please make sure you submit your clearances prior to the event.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. I can be reached at

I hope that everyone has a great two weeks and I will be in contact soon!

-Mrs. Henn


August 9

Back to School Shopping

I cannot believe it is already time for back to school shopping.  School will be starting before we know it!

You will be receiving a back to school letter in the mail sometime in the next week, but I figured some of you may be curious about the items you will need now.

The second grade teachers supply everything that your child will need. I have purchased a pencil pouch for each student and already filled it with 2 pencils, crayons, a glue stick, an eraser, a whiteboard marker and eraser and a bookmark. We will supply all of the folders that your child will need.

Your child may bring:
-pencils (they go through them so quickly!)
-erasers (same as above)
-a handheld pencil sharpener
-their own crayons, colored pencils or markers
-Earbuds- Each child will have a Chromebook that they will use daily. We recommend sending in a pair of earbuds that your child can use. If they do not have earbuds, they will use the school’s headphones. Your child can store his/her earbuds in his/her pencil pouch.

If you have not already completed the Second Grade back to school survey, please do so at your earliest convenience. You can access it here. Thank you for your time!

Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment if you have any questions!

July 25

The wait is over!

Hello All!

I have had quite a few people ask me if I would post once the twins have been born. I am so excited to announce that Lorelei Peyton and Christopher James were born at 3:25 and 3:27 am on July 24th. We are all doing well! Addison loves her baby brother and sister and is already being such a great helper!