May 15

Just Hanging With Our Peeps

As most of you know, our class hatched chicks this year. We had a decent hatch and had 7 chicks! Unfortunately, one of our chicks was born with splayed legs which means that his legs were out beside him and they were not strong enough to support him to walk. After researching what to do, I found that you can bandage the chick’s legs together which causes the muscles to grow correctly to support it. After a few days of being bandaged, our little chick was able to walk on his own! 🙂 Since our little chick needed some time spent alone to grow stronger, we asked Mrs. Muhr’s class to keep our other chicks in their tank since unfortunately none of their eggs hatched. However, once our little guy was strong enough we were able to put some friends back in with him.

The kiddos loved seeing the life cycle of a chicken in person. They also adored the chicks! Each student in my homeroom was given the option to hold one of the chicks. Most of them decided to hold one.

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