April 27

Slime Party!

Today the second graders celebrated our awesome behavior with our April Star Party! All of the second graders were either stars or rock stars! This month, we had a slime party to celebrate. All students were able to make slime today. The rock stars were also able to add color to their slime. After students finished making their slime, they had time to play with it. Everyone LOVED it!

The students asked me to post the recipe that we used so that they could make it at home. First, students squeezed a 4 ounce bottle of glue into a plastic cup. After your glue is in your cup, put about 5 drops of food coloring to make your slime even more fun! Once you mix the color all throughout the glue, add a tablespoon of Sta-Flo liquid starch. We also added a very little bit of baking soda to make it a little less sticky.

As you can see from the pictures, the kids loved it!

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