October 14

Bright Kids Assembly

bee sun

                      “Bee” a “bright” kid!


Yesterday, the second graders participated in a Think! Energy with E-power Bright Kids program. At the assembly, students learned about energy and natural resources. The students were told which of our resources were renewable and which were nonrenewable. They were also told a few new tricks on how to save energy as well as the importance of saving energy.

The assembly also discussed open and closed circuits. We did a fun experiment to learn that we were all conductors of energy! Each second grader stood palm to palm to make a closed circuit which made the “energy stick” light up. We then tested paper and aluminum foil to see if they were conductors or insulators. Each teacher was given an energy stick for their classroom.

Each child that returned their permission slip took home a Bright Kids Energy Kit. Inside of the kit is light bulbs, a night light, stickers and a pamphlet. All that PPL asks is that you complete and return the family worksheet. Please send in the family worksheet no later than October 20th. 

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