October 10

Our First STAR Party!

Last Friday was our first STAR Party! The students loved it! Each day, students start with 4 stars. During the day they can either earn a star by making good choices or lose a star for not making the best choices. At the end of the month, all of the students’ stars are averaged together. If students average 3 stars, they are considered a star student. If students average 4 or more stars, they are considered a rock star. For the month of October, star students were able to bring in a toy or game to play with their friends. Rock star students were able to bring in a toy or a game and were able to enjoy a freeze pop! All of the students in our class were stars or rock stars! I am so proud of them for making such great choices during the first month of school! The students are already excited for our next star party at the end of October!

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