is homework good


Is homework good it is bad i can’t play fortnite it is boring it makes me mad.


I can’t play fortnite i can’t my cousin gavin and my cousin kaylin and my brother maison .


It is boring First, i haft to do Multiple Casein

Next i haft to do subtraction plus these are not existing.


Lastly it makes me mad i haft to do division.


As you can see i don’t like homework i wish they made us do it at  school.

best day

I woke up brushed my teeth ate cereal


Next i got on xbox i went  on fortnite my cousin invited me then we won

Then we played minecraft then we building a house


We went to diner it was good


Then we watched a movie it was a good movie


It was a good day can’t wait tomorrow           

who i Want to meet

Who is someone i Want to meet my cousin gavin He is nice he helps me with stuff he is .smart


He is nice because plays xbox with me


He helps me with stuff he helps me with games he helps me with fortnite


He is smart he nos games verer good he knows everything .


My cousin is who I want to meet he is nice he helps me with stuff hr is smart My cousin is awesome.