The Outsiders: How Do Ponyboy’s relationships With Darry and Sodapop Differ?

Ponyboy’s relationship with Darry is different than his relationship with Soda. Darry is always hard on Pony and is always wants more from him. He is also rough with him and yells at him, sometimes not intentionally. This shows that Ponyboy and Darry do not really get along with each other. However, Soda sticks up for Pony when Darry is hard on him. Ponyboy also is able to open up to Soda and talk with him because Soda listens to him. Additionally, Soda takes Pony with him to hang out with him and his friends. Overall, Pony and Soda have stronger and better relationship than Pony and Darry. Both Soda and Darry love Ponyboy. However, they have very different ways of showing their love which leads to very different relationships between the boys.