Christmas Party! Invitation

Christmas Party!


By Elise and Kane

Please come and join our Christmas party on December 25 and remember to bring a christmas treat!  I hope that you can attend our Christmas party, if you are available, please RSVP to our invitation.  We hope to have you come and you are welcome to bring as many people as you want to this Christmas party to have everyone celebrate!            

When:  December 25, 2016

Where: Grand Hotel, 463 Christmas Dr., PA

Treats:  Anything WITHOUT tree nuts  (Nut FREE!)

Phone: (717)-555-2061

Time: 1:30pm-6:30pm

Please RSVP by: December 20, 2016

(Check to see if you are available and call back, also let us know how many people are coming and what you are bringing!)

Merry Christmas!