Dr. Seus Quote

“A person’s a person no matter how small” By Dr. Seus. I like this quote because it shows that you can take a while to learn something but still be able to do it. For example being small for some people means taking a while to learn. But with this quote gives hope to those kids/people.


Angela Duckworth said in her Ted Talk that IQ is just a small small percent of of how well you will do in life. What really matters is how much grit you have. If you have a low IQ but a lot of grit you will stick through with the things that are hard and you will do very well in life because you will stick with things.

Will Smith said that you can’t just have grit. You have to find grit in yourself.


This quote is a good quote because some people are mean because nobody treats the kindly so if you treat them with respect they might become kinder. Also if you keep treating them kindness they might do things for you.

Martin Luther king Jr.

Darkness represents the people who want segregation to stay and don’t like black people and are mean to them. Light represents the people who don’t hate and don’t like that people are segregating and want black and white people to be treated equally.

Tiger Rising 2

This is my opinion on the book “Tiger Rising.” It was a good book but I have seen better. I was surprised that Rob’s dad killed the Tiger and I was kind of sad. I was also surprised when Rob and Sistene became friends because she was mean to him at the beginning of the book. This was my opinion on the book Tiger Rising

Tiger Rising

I think the Tiger shooting was very important because it showed that Rob’s dad loved him. I think that because the book says he shot the tiger to protect Rob and I think that means that Rob’s dad loves him. But I do think he overreacted he should have tried to catch it first.

My Word

My word is Talk because I need to talk to my grandma and other relatives more because I don’t think I talk to them enough. But also talk less to kids a school because then I can get distracted. This is why my resolution/word for 2020 is Talk.

What im proud of 2019

What I’m proud of is being able to do a black diamond ski slope (which next to last difficulty hardest is the double diamond.) Considering it was one of the easier hard ones but I was still proud of myself because before I could only do medium difficulty so I was happy when I reached black diamond.

Thankful 2

I’m thankful for winter because then it is cold and I can wrap myself up like a burrito and my cat can slather me in butter and… OK, never mind let’s not go that way. I’m going to talk about my winter day. I get up and see the snow and really excited. I don’t care about breakfast (but I eat it fast) then I get my coat and snow pants on and go sledding or if the snow is right I make a snowman. This is my average winter day and why I’m thankful for winter. (I also have to shovel)