My New favorite book

Nov - 03 2017 | 1 comment | By

My new favorite book is called amulet  it’s about a girl that found a amulet and she fights elfs but then  one of the elfs join her so them and there group have a much bigger battle ahead of them.

diary of a wimpy kid

Oct - 10 2017 | no comments | By

so far i read diary of a wimpy kid this year it was funny and casual book to read.

how I got xboxone

Sep - 18 2017 | no comments | By

This is how I got my Xbox so my dads friend owed him money so my dad toke the  Xbox until he can pay him back but he could’t pay so the Xbox is ares.And when I get home my  dad is going to  move the Xbox one  in to my room so i can play in my room and not in the leaving room.And i am going to play minecraft.

what i,m am going to do over the weekend

Sep - 18 2017 | no comments | By

first i,m going to  go to my baby brothers and sisters house  and play with and love them. i,m also going to  play my xbox one gta5 online with my friends and i,m going to my  friends house. my sister and brother are only 9 months old so they are  super adorable .i meant go to Dominicks house or bradens house i do not now but i think i,m going to find out.

my goals

Sep - 18 2017 | no comments | By

My goals for writing is just to improve my spelling and  typing speed

whAT I DID over EASteR

Apr - 18 2016 | no comments | By

I got to spend time with my my mom , uncle,aunt, baby brother,sister and step sister. And some of my friends was  there we had got to paint eggs . The  next  day  we got to go on a candy Easter basket egg race we both  fund  two candy and baskets I fund six eggs and she fund three eggs so i won


Apr - 18 2016 | no comments | By

I feel that the PSSA were hard for the last day of.  ELA   but it’s worth it. Because we had more recess I went to the canceler office  for the PSSA we got animal. Crackers and i got to walk around the school and take a nap and sit on the ground.

if i was prasedant

Mar - 08 2016 | no comments | By

I would donate  money to the pore and  i would help with people who are sick  and need help.I would   give money to schools all around  so they can get now equipment and programs. I  will build  a cenercetance  for the aldrly.I will also  follow the constitution .


Feb - 03 2016 | no comments | By

Me and my family go to my grandmas house.we watch the football game and the thanksgiving preyed then we eat. turkey,stuffing,sweetcorn,green pees,and sweet potatoes and we all get gifts for each other and then we give are gifts to each other at the end of thanksgiving.


Feb - 03 2016 | no comments | By

I went to 2 places my grandmas and my aunt  we had turkey and  sweet potatoes ,pukinpie  and heaven heaven is  marsalous  wipcream and fruit it was fun i was at my aunt all week end so i got to seen my brother and sister that are 4 moths old

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