Hello families!

I cannot believe February is almost gone! We have had a very busy month.

Last week, approximately 10 of our sixth graders attended the Elanco School Board meeting on Monday, February, 25. At the meeting, we shared with the board our sixth grade program “Oh the Places You Will Go.” The 10 sixth graders shared with the board one word that was the highlight of their trip to Alvernia. I am so very proud of our students as they were very articulate and poised! Some of the words they chose were: exciting, pizza, basketball, interesting and inspiring. I am looking forward to the next stop on our tour Millersville University, which we will attend on Saturday, April 2nd.

In my language arts class, we are doing “The Watsons Go to Birmingham” as a read aloud. My students are very involved in this story. We have had some great discussions. On Friday, students finished their current literature circle book. Now, students will begin their culminating projects for their books. Tomorrow, Feb. 29, students will take their test on our story “Into the Ice.”

In social studies, students are finishing up a unit on the Branches of Government and the role of checks and balances in our government. For a final project, students created their own bill, and will attempt to get it “passed” in our classroom government. Students will present their bills this week, and will then vote on the bill they would like to get passed.

We finished our math unit on algebra Friday. Students learned about variables, expressions, equations and more. Our final test will be tomorrow, February 29. We will begin our next unit on geometry this Tuesday.

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Hope you have a great week,

Kim Tran