Hello families 🙂

I hope you are enjoying the wonderful colors of Fall.

This week in math, students are learning about ratios and unit rates. In class, students will examine unit prices among many different items (such as cereal) to determine which item offers the best price when they go shopping.

In language arts, students will take their first district writing assessment on Thursday. Our focus this week will be on improving different aspects of writing. Please look for the progress binder to come home this week. In the binder, you will find assessments, classwork and progress reports from our Achieve reading online program.  Please keep the assessments and progress reports in the binder and sign the parent log, so that I know you have seen all tests.

Students have been working with partners on completing a self discovery of plate tectonics. Later in the week, they will work independently to create an ad for one of the landforms they discovered, and illustrate how plate tectonics affected that land form.

Thanks for your continued support of our work in the classroom.

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Have a great week! :)