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Only 3 days this week

Happy Monday parents!

This week, your child will only have 3 days of school. Teachers will be in school Thursday, but students will not.

We will cover a lot of material in those 3 days. In math, we continue our work with geometry. In language arts, we are working on a variety of reading strategies and other topics, such as figurative language. Finally, in social studies, we continue to work on the rights outlined in our Constitution.

Enjoy your week and your extra days with your children!

Mrs. Tran

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Week of March 23rd

Hi parents,

This week will be the last full week we have before we have two short weeks. Your children will be busy learning about geometry in our new math unit. In math, you might notice a difference in homework some nights, as students will practice not only geometry, but some of the skills they learned earlier in the year.

In science, our sixth graders will finish up a unit on the solar system. Your children did a fantastic job recreating a replica of the solar system. They drew each planet to scale based on a sun with a 48 inch diameter. It really is amazing. In addition, they researched various topics. Later this week, students will begin a social studies unit on the Constitution and our rights.

In my language arts class, students are finishing up their biography reports. Our class also participated in a contest sponsored by our online reading program Achieve 3000. Students earned points for our class by achieving a comprehension score of 75% or higher on each story they read. The higher the comprehension score, the more points students earned for our class. As of Friday, we were in second place out of the whole school. I am really proud of the terrific focus and effort your children gave to this contest. Whether our class wins or not, your children are winners as they are building up their reading skills. 🙂

Have a great week! Please email me with any questions.


Busy week

Hi parents,

This week will be a busy one for your children.

We have a unit 4 math test on Tuesday for all students. Later in the week, your children will begin unit 5, which covers geometry.

On Wednesday, we have special visitors coming from Dallastown to view our hybrid classrooms. We are really excited to show them the great work our students do in our hybrid classroom.

My Language Arts class will also have a STAR assessment this week, as we complete our fourth unit in Language Arts. In addition, students are finishing up their biography reports on a person they admire. We have a wide variety of biography topics, from presidents to sports figures, as well as scientists, humanitarians and more.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at my email:

I hope you have a great week!

Mrs. Tran

Full week – math test moved

Hello parents,

I hope you enjoyed the two extra days you had with your children. I am ready for the warmer weather predicted for this week!

Here are some updates what your sixth graders are doing in class:

We are finishing up our algebra unit in math. Ourtest has been pushed back to next Tuesday, March 17, due to the 2 snow days.

In Language Arts, students are finishing up their biography reports. We had a great selection of reports, from Abe Lincoln to Walt Disney to Tara Lipinski.

In science, students are working on a great collaborative project. The sixth graders created a picture of the sun with a diameter of 48 inches. Students then drew the planets in relation to a sun with a 48 inch diameter. This resulted in Mercury being represent as 0.2 of an inch. It is a great way for students to see how truly big the sun is in comparison to the planets. Now, my class in working together with Mrs. Mergenthaler’s class to research a particular area of our solar system. Some topics include: each planet, the sun, the moon, black holes, stars and more. Our students are really excited to work on this project!

Hope you have a fantastic, snow-free week!

Mrs. Tran

Volunteer forms and math website forms still needed

Hello parents,

We still have about 3 students missing the yellow volunteer forms for our DC trip. Thank you to everyone who already returned papers.

If your child is in my math class, please return the permission form for our new math website. Thank you to the parents who already returned the papers!

Remember, you can reach me any time you have a question at:

Have a great week!