December 21

Dreamful Friendship

                  Dreamful Friendship

Love is what this is,

Maybe say what do you mean?

Love is friendship,

In a beautiful wonderful dream.


Never say never,

Someone is always there for you,

To help you through,

To be so clever.


You may dream of whatever,

But just know that life is sweet,

And you shall love it together,

To never start and cheat.


Let your dreams come alive,

And never give up,

Always try,

Just look up to the wonderful sky.


Dreamful friendship,

Think of all of you love,

Make it never end,

Be a beautiful dove.


Love is your answer

Remember today,

Spread your wings,

Accomplish your dreams!


Elise K


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1 thoughts on “Dreamful Friendship

  1. moyer180

    Hi Elise, it’s Abby. I really enjoyed your poem it’s very creative and unique. Your poems are always so different, in a good way. please writ more of your poems. Come visit my blog!


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