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What Do I Like And What I Like To do! Week 9 STUBC


What do I like and what do I like to do?

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Week 9 STUBC

By Elise


I like to do many things and I also just have AWESOME stuff that I like!  Some of the things I like about myself is the skills that I have learned and know.  One is being able to blog and I also like typing and writing so that is why I like blogging and that I get to communicate with people around the world.  Also I like blogging because I love when people come and comment on my blog.  This way, I can see other people’s ideas about  my stories.  Then I can change my stories to be the way that other people can enjoy them.  Also I do sports like gymnastics and softball over the seasons and I play them because I like to play sports and get stronger.

I also like to play instruments because I like the sound of music and the way that it works.  I play Piano and Trumpet.  I have been playing piano longer than trumpet because I just started trumpet this year. (2016)  I am playing a lot of Christmas songs on the piano and also on the trumpet.  To learn more about Christmas songs go to  this website shows what Christmas music is all about and why we celebrate it with songs.  


I like a lot of animal’s but I like so many that I am only going to list some.  First, one of the animals that I really like are Tigers and if you visit my blog at you can find an informational story about Tigers that I wrote.     I like tigers because I like black, white and orange together, especially in stripes.  I also like how they walk and ROAR!  I also like Platypuses because they are one of the only mammals that lay eggs instead of having babies.

There are two more animals that I like that I am going to list and one of them is a flamingo.  I like flamingos because I like their peachy-pink color and the reason why they are that color is because they eat shrimp and shrimp are that color.  A flamingo sleeps and stands sometimes with one of their legs tucked up beside their other leg.


I like a lot of science stuff, but I like a couple of them just in particular that I like to do or study.  I like to research on the study of birds and how they are living in their environment because then I get to learn more about them and how they are living through their place to live and nest.  I also like the study of birds because I like how birds can get out of ways quickly and be able to build nests using sticks/twigs, mud and grass, I think that being able to do that is awesome by using stuff around them in their environment!!!, Nature, Live

Also I like the study of plants because they act different than animals and humans because they attract sunlight and grow in dirt also known as soil, and soil is fertilized, basically dirt.  I also like to study plants because like to see how water droplets (after rain) look when they have a light rain and then in the morning, when they come back out, (the sprouts/plants) they look cool to me because of how the water droplet stays on the leaf/plant as it does and as you can see in this picture.

I like to go a lot of places and I like to travel because I like to explore new places that I have never gone before.  Also I just like traveling because I like to just enjoy going places to relax,…  but I still like to explore and learn about places and I like to be able to think about other people’s life in different places and animals/plants for their environment.


I went to Hawaii (The Big Island) in October, 2016 for 2 weeks!!!  I really liked it and I learned a lot about Hawaii by going to National Parks so that I learn about the area.  I went to the  Kilauea Volcano and it is active right now in 2016, and it was really cool to see especially because  it was in a National Park!!!  I really liked Hawaii also because I got to try new foods, learn new things and be able to see the environment by going zip lining and other activities.




The person I would like to nominate for their blog is Taneeka because when ever I go to her blog, she has another blog post and I go to her blog pretty often so I know that she is working very hard.  There can be a couple of mistakes in her writing here and then, but everybody has mistakes.  Her mistakes are very little and I like to read her blog posts because they are very very interesting to me.  She also has good topics for her stories and blog posts.

That is why I would like to nominate her.  Her blog:

Please come and visit it to see why I like her posts!!!


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