November 16

Thanksgiving Day Prompts

Choose of one of the following prompts.

Write your draft on Google Docs in case you don’t finish today! You can also share it with me and I can help you revise!


INFORMATIONAL PROMPT – You are especially excited about this upcoming Thanksgiving because you are going to be inviting a special guest. Think about who you would like to invite. It could be someone famous, someone you already know, or even someone from the past. Write a well organized paper explaining who you would pick to invite to Thanksgiving dinner and why.


Persuasive Prompt – One of your family members has convinced everyone in your family that they should not celebrate Thanksgiving this year. You are very upset because Thanksgiving is one of your favorite holidays! Write a convincing letter to your family telling them why they cannot cancel Thanksgiving. 


Narrative Prompt – It is thanksgiving day and your family is finally ready to sit down at the dinner table and eat. The food and dishes have already been set, but you notice something important missing. Where is the turkey? Write a creative story explaining why the turkey is missing for thanksgiving dinner. Eligible batchelorsCreative Commons License Mark Gunn via Compfight



November 12

Remembering Those Who Served

Watch the Veteran’s Day video posted on the google classroom.

Thinking Stems for blog post focusing on Veteran’s Day. Choose at least one to reflect on in your post!

  1. Share about a veteran that you know or are related to. When and where did they serve? What armed force did they serve?
  2. What is the meaning of sacrifice?
  3. Thank a veteran for their service.
  4. Why is Veteran’s Day a national holiday? Do you think it should be?


September 17

What is PEACE?

Access this short article on peach for guidance  

  1. What is peace?
    1. Freedom from trouble or worry
    2. A feeling of mental or emotional calm
    3. A time when there is no war or a war has ended 

Describe your personal definition of peace.

                             Thinking Stems – Why is peace important to us? Without peace, what would the world look like?                                                                     Would it look the same or different?

Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae)Creative Commons License Holger Wirth via Compfight