What. Is. Happening? Chapter 1

My own story! I’ll post a chapter or 2 every once in awhile, hopefully weekly.

This is a work of fiction, and is a story of my imagination.

I don’t know what’s happening. Went to sleep last night, woke up, I was walking, but i  wasn’t walking. Can’t stop, can’t even control  my own body. Want to go back to sleep, hope I’ll then wake up. But feels too real, really scared. Please be a dream.’
Must’ve fallen asleep anyway, cuz when i woke up, was sitting in a vent. A flap to my right, another vent to my left, this one ends behind me. A hand shoots though the flap. Has words written on it, says “U a Hider?” My left hand, not controlled by me, writes on my right hand “Yes.” What is a hider?! My right hand with the writing goes through flap. The other hand shoots back out of sight, then shoots back with another message. First one’s gone. Says, “U A; Girl B; Boy?” My hand replies with “b.” Other hand shoots out, then back to sight. New question. “U alone?” My hand replies, “Yes.” Other hand shoots backwards, then comes back and punches me in the gut. Everything goes black.

My Top 3: Subway Surfers, Piano Tiles 2, And Color Switch

All are free. Note that most of this is from what happens on my device, so some of it might not happen to yours.

*(For some reason when I published this is says May 4th, but so you know I actually published this on May 3rd.)

#1; Subway Surfers

Subway surfers is a lot of fun! You run away from the guard, jumping over and in between trains, collecting prizes, and coins! You can also get characters for free (Jake, your first character), by logging into Facebook (the dino), by getting them with coins, and getting certain items in mystery boxes. You can watch adds to get mystery boxes, which have many things in them. Also, you can use keys to escape the guard if you mess up, but they multiply. For example, first time, it’s 1,then 2, then 4, and so on. Your lives aren’t limited so play as much as you want!

Piano Tiles 2

Piano tiles 2 is were on your device you play the notes that show up on the screen, and music plays to the song. After you get 3 stars, it says bonus tiles, and when that’s done, you get endless tiles. Endless tiles go on forever until you mess up. Bonus tiles are piano tiles coins music notes, and you can’t mess up on that. After you play a certain amount of songs, and when you level up you get more songs. In endless tiles, presents show up. if you click them, after you mess up they give you prizes, like more hearts (you use one every time you play a song) and music notes. You can watch adds to get more diamonds, which you can use only once a level to keep going if you mess up.
(Sorry, I couldn’t find a great video.)

Color Switch

Color Switch, I can’t really explain, because there are soooooo many different versions. Basically, normally the main objective is to tap the screen to move a colored ball to the finish line. Most times there are spinning circles with different colors. You need to get the ball through, or on the same color as the ball. If you don’t, it’ll explode. If there are colored “Ninga stars”, make sure the ball doesn’t hit them, same color or not, because it will explode, and you’ll have to restart. The rest you’ll have’ta figure out. I’ve only played this on friends devices, so I don’t know about lives.


Dude Perfect


I think dude perfect is AMAZING, because their trick shots are 100% real. It takes a lot of practice. It’s so much fun watching their trick shots. I really like watching their battles, and it’s funny cuz Coby never wins. If you’ve never seen them before, in the video above, Ty is in gray, Cody’s in red, Garret’s in purple, Cory is in dark cyan and Coby’s in blue. (Cory and Coby are twins. You can kinda tell the difference after a couple video’s. The only battle Coby’s ever won just happened recently, about a week before it was published, April 17, 2017. Here it is:


Easter is fast approaching! I’m pretty sure I’m going to my mom’s aunt’s house, and even family members I don’t know will be there. We’ll have lunch, then a egg hunt, with eggs full of CANDY!!!!!!!!!What are you doing? One thing I’m going to try to do over break is dye eggs, which I like to do. A brief explanation of how I do it would be this: First, you drop the egg in a dye of your choice, then you take it out and draw a design on it with wax, and do a different color, and keep doing this. Once you are satisfied, you hold the egg up to a candle (with adult supervision) and melt the wax, then wipe it off. Vola! You have your finished product. It you don’t like it, try again.

Wk3 Activity 2 StuBlgChallnge: The Figure


As the sun rises,

it lights upon a lone figure,

Stained by time,

battling with nature’s forces,

Scarred, but stands strong,

Frozen in time,

Riding into battle,

Memory of hero past,

Who gave a life for a country’s cause,

So valiantly,

But now, Sun, the statue’s only friend,

Is the only one who remembers,

The only one who knows it all,

The only one who doesn’t take for granted,

What this figure fought for,

Why he rode into battle,

And is the only one,

Who appreciates who this statue,

Who it used to be.



St. Patrick’s Day!!!!

Yayyyyy! It’s finally here! Don’t forget to wear green or you’re friends will start pinching you!? There’s tons of great traditions that go along with this holiday. What’s yours? Believe it or not, Saint Patrick was an actual guy. He was a 5th century  Romano-British Christian missionary. Romano-British was a culture that showed up in Britain during the Empire of the Romans. He was also a bishop in Ireland, and no, I don’t know what that phrase means. He is known as the “Apostle of Ireland” and is one of the primary patron saints of Ireland.

Born: 385 A.D.,Britannia (A.D. Means after Christ’s Death)                  Died:  March 17th, 461 A.D., Saul

Full Name: Maewyn Succat            Burial Location:   Down Cathedral, Downpatrick

Here Are Some Of His Quotes:

St. Patrick’s Day is an enchanted time – a day to begin transforming winter’s dreams into summer’s magic.
May the Irish hills caress you. May her lakes and rivers bless you. May the luck of the Irish enfold you. May the blessings of Saint Patrick behold you.
If I have any worth, it is to live my life for God so as to teach these peoples; even though some of them still look down on me.  
Here’s a funny picture:
If you want to know more about him from the Christian point of view, go here: http://www.christianitytoday.com/history/2008/august/real-st-patrick.html
If you DON’T want to hear it from the Christian perspective, you can go to wikipedia, but anyone can post anything on wikipedia, so it might not all be facts: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Patrick THe wiki has stuff about the day, Patrick’s life, and the legends related to him.
So there you have it. Saint Patrick’s Day is on the day Saint Patrick died, as a memorial of him.

Holi Festival!

The Holi festival is a festival celebrated in spring in India from March 12th to the evening of March 13th. It is also known as the “festival of colors” and the “festival of love”.

Here is a link that will take you to a website if you want to learn more: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/0/holi-festival-celebrated-throwing-coloured-powder/

DIY Stress Ball (It’s Awesome!**But Messy!!**)

Here’s a video (where I learned to do it) on how to make the stress balls. If you’re still confused after watching, I have my own directions below. If you don’t like slime stuff, don’t worry. I don’t like slime either, but it wasn’t bad at all. Also, what he’s squeezing right below in the video pic is NOT the “slime”. That’s a balloon with a design on it. The “slime” is inside. And some of my friends, though I don’t know what this is, said it’s like Oobleck.

DIY Stress Ball

****Warning! THIS GETS MESSY!!****

**Please go to my blog at   where’s there’s a video, which will help to clarify.**


~Balloons (2 per ball)



~Empty Plastic Water Bottle (preferably with a

small “mouth opening”)


~Measuring Cups/Utensils


#1. Put about ½ a cup or 1 cup of cornstarch/cornflour, And then add some water and mix it with your hands. The cornstarch/cornflour will absorb it, so keep adding til it looks sorta like a liquid.

#2. Play with it some, cuz it’s fun. Try jabbing your hand into the mixture, fast and hard, and it’ll stop your hand right under the surface. Then let your hand just go under, and it will sink to the bottom. Then, pick some up and roll it between your hands. It’ll feel like a playdough, but the instant you stop it turns back into a liquid and oozes off your hands.

#3. Pour the mixture into the water bottle, and then put the balloon opening thing on the cap. Make sure it’s the one you do NOT want on the outside.

#4. Tilt the bottle so it’s upside down, and pour the mixture into the balloon. The balloon won’t want to fill up much, so squeeze the bottle til you have the satisfactory amount in the balloon. Squeeze the “tunnel” part shut so the mixture doesn’t get out, and take the opening thing off the cap.

#5. Tie it shut, and cut off a reasonable amount from what’s left AFTER the knot.

#6. Take your other balloon, the outside one, and cut off most of the “tunnel” part. Then push the balloon with the mixture in it inside the outside one. **This can be tricky, so it’s preferable to use 2 people.**

#7. If you want, you can leave the outside balloon untied, but then the inside balloon will pop out some, so if you don’t want that, tie it shut.

#8. Enjoy!

NOTES: If you leave it sit for a while, it might get hardish. Don’t worry, just play with it and it should get back to normal. Also, I’ve only made 2, so the outcome feel of it could be different each time. For example, my first one stayed mostly feeling liquidish, but my second one was more of a solid.  They both worked as a stress ball though!

Where's the fun in being normal?

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