All about Me

My  favorite things to do are reading, & spending time with my family, even though my siblings can be annoying. My favorite food/restaurant is subway. Fav. color green. My favorite books are Above World & Spirit Animals. Spirit animals has 7/8, & Above World has 3, #4 coming. I also like swimming & playing + catching crayfish and minnows. I also have a rare disease that only Children get it is called dermatomyasitis sounds like derma- toe-mya-site-is. What happens is the thing that fights your colds doesn’t realize its over, so it keeps sending things out to fight it. Then there gets to be to many & they start “eating” your muscle tissue. you have to take 3 different meds so it will go away.  Don’t worry its not contagious.

Where's the fun in being normal?

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