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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It’s JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! It’s June FINALLY! School is letting out, and we have the whole summer to do whatever, including SLEEP IN! I’m going to be home schooled next year, so, if I don’t want to, I’ll NEVER HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL FOR SIX HOURS A DAY AND WASTE MY TIME NOT LEARNING EVER AGAIN!!!!!!:) I’m excited for that, for several reasons; If I start school at 9:00, I can be finished by lunchtime! I can have breakfast or snacks while in “school”. I don’t have to really get ready, and I won’t have a principle!!!!!!!:) My summer is going to be at least a little crazy, but I can only think of a few major things right now that I know of. I’ll try ta remember to make a calendar of my schedule for you guys once I have more things, so it’s more interesting. In the meantime, please comment and tell me, what’s you summer going to be like? I love it when you guys comment, so please do! After all, you are the reason I keep doing this. Until later, -Lily

My Avatar/Chibi

Since it’s the end of the year, I thought I’d make a new avatar. So here she is, and here’s also why she looks like she does. And I’d like to show you how she’s evolved.



The one with no glasses is my current one. I took off the glasses so you could see her eyes better. She has a tattered coat cuz I thought it looked cool, and her shoes are paws, her eyes are cat-like, and there’s a tooth showing in her smile, because I loooove cats. She’s got a book cuz I loooove reading, and headphones cuz I love music. (They’re wireless?) Everything is teal and green because I looove those colors! She has a little cross necklace because I’m a Christian. What do you like about your avatar? If you’d like to play Chibi Maker, go here:

My Top 3: Subway Surfers, Piano Tiles 2, And Color Switch

All are free. Note that most of this is from what happens on my device, so some of it might not happen to yours.

*(For some reason when I published this is says May 4th, but so you know I actually published this on May 3rd.)

#1; Subway Surfers

Subway surfers is a lot of fun! You run away from the guard, jumping over and in between trains, collecting prizes, and coins! You can also get characters for free (Jake, your first character), by logging into Facebook (the dino), by getting them with coins, and getting certain items in mystery boxes. You can watch adds to get mystery boxes, which have many things in them. Also, you can use keys to escape the guard if you mess up, but they multiply. For example, first time, it’s 1,then 2, then 4, and so on. Your lives aren’t limited so play as much as you want!

Piano Tiles 2

Piano tiles 2 is were on your device you play the notes that show up on the screen, and music plays to the song. After you get 3 stars, it says bonus tiles, and when that’s done, you get endless tiles. Endless tiles go on forever until you mess up. Bonus tiles are piano tiles coins music notes, and you can’t mess up on that. After you play a certain amount of songs, and when you level up you get more songs. In endless tiles, presents show up. if you click them, after you mess up they give you prizes, like more hearts (you use one every time you play a song) and music notes. You can watch adds to get more diamonds, which you can use only once a level to keep going if you mess up.
(Sorry, I couldn’t find a great video.)

Color Switch

Color Switch, I can’t really explain, because there are soooooo many different versions. Basically, normally the main objective is to tap the screen to move a colored ball to the finish line. Most times there are spinning circles with different colors. You need to get the ball through, or on the same color as the ball. If you don’t, it’ll explode. If there are colored “Ninga stars”, make sure the ball doesn’t hit them, same color or not, because it will explode, and you’ll have to restart. The rest you’ll have’ta figure out. I’ve only played this on friends devices, so I don’t know about lives.