My Avatar/Chibi

Since it’s the end of the year, I thought I’d make a new avatar. So here she is, and here’s also why she looks like she does. And I’d like to show you how she’s evolved.



The one with no glasses is my current one. I took off the glasses so you could see her eyes better. She has a tattered coat cuz I thought it looked cool, and her shoes are paws, her eyes are cat-like, and there’s a tooth showing in her smile, because I loooove cats. She’s got a book cuz I loooove reading, and headphones cuz I love music. (They’re wireless?) Everything is teal and green because I looove those colors! She has a little cross necklace because I’m a Christian. What do you like about your avatar? If you’d like to play Chibi Maker, go here:

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