Chapter 3 What. Is. Happening?!

When I woke-again!-I was tied to a tree, sitting down. I was on a tiny island, surrounded by swampy marsh. It was night, and there was no moon out. I had control of my body, and I was determined to keep control this time. The cloaked figure hadn’t noticed I was awake yet, and was sitting with their back to me, facing a fire they’d made. Their hood was down. I choked in surprised. “You’re….you’re a girl?!?” I asked incredulously. The girl spun around to face me.
“What did you think I was Liar?” She spat. “I’m not a liar!” I spat back. “Something keeps possessing me, and it had me possessed at that point.” She just glared at me. Like I’ll believe that. Was the message. “I don’t even know what a hider is!” I exclaimed. “How do I know if you aren’t possessed at this point, or if you’re just lying.” She growled. I paused for a moment to think. “What color where my eyes when you had me in a spotlight?” I asked her. She looked at her hands, as if they helped her remember. “Black.” She finally said. “What color are they now?” Grudgingly, the girl admitted “Brown.” “I guess you aren’t lying.” “So,  where are we?” I asked her. “And, can you untie me?” She started untying me, but hesitated to talk. Finally she said “we are in the realm of Atlantis.” I looked up, and saw, that far up, the sky was rolling, like waves.

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