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In A Cup of Controversy from Achieve it talks about the beloved drink, coffee. Many people around the world drink it to wake up in the morning. But, making coffee is not environment-friendly. Traditional farmers grow them in the rainforest, and to make them more profit they are tearing down sections of trees to grow coffee beans. Though, there have been some new ways to make coffee. It is by getting the waste from monkeys, elephants, etc after they eat the bean. This is a natural way of processing beans, but people have been catching the animals that do this to make more profit, and it is very expensive. This is still a big challenge that hasn’t been solved yet.

An image shows three bags: one filled with ripe coffee cherries, another with processed coffee beans, and a third with coffee beans in civet droppings.



  1. What is a way that you would try to solve this?
  2. Do you think there will ever be a solution? Why or Why not?\
  3. What coffee would you rather choose? Why?

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  1. gligorevvm9 says:

    1. I would try and create an organization that helps negotiate with farmers about coffee profit. Perhaps, we could pay them more NOT to tear down the trees and only collect the coffee beans.
    2. I hope so! If people become more informed about the issue I think there will be a few people that are bound to step up and solve this issue.
    3. I would definitely try the more environmentally friendly version of coffee. I would do this because I want to save the trees and our planet.

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