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Free Choice- Wk 15

For my free choice I decided to do a Mindmap for this week’s vocab list. Here is the link:

Recent News- Wk 14

In, Verdict Reached in Ex-Officer’s Trial, talks about the trial of Derek Chavin. He was on trial for the murder of George Floyd that happened in May 2020. After 3 long weeks, that verdict came back that he was guilty on three charges of Second-Degree Unintentional Murder, Third-Degree Murder, and Second-Degree Manslaughter. The defense attorney […]

Wk 13: Creative Vocab

Here is the link to my Mindmap:

Independent Novel Book Choice- Wk 12

The book that was selected for me was People Like Us by Dana Mele. It is about a character named Kay Donovan who is a soccer player that had a bad past and had to reinvent herself. Suddenly, a girl’s body is found in the lake and she has left a scavenger hunt on her […]