News Discussion- Wk 11- EC

In “Hygiene For Health” from Achieve3000, it talks about how ancient India kept up their hygiene and health. Their medicine
an attendant stands behind a man, combing his hairsystem was called Ayurveda. They believed that stress causes diseases. Ancient India started shampooing with different kinds of oil to have shiny hair and to have a goodnight’s sleep. They would also use oils on their skin to help their joints and muscles. Doctors also help with developing a teeth care routine. They would brush their teeth, use a tongue scraper, then rinse with salt water.



Questions: How do you think they came up with these things?

Do you believe you would have been able to come up with this? Why or Why not?

Would you want to live in this time period?

2 Responses

  1. mininger2z9 says:

    I never knew that they focused so much on their hair health back then! That’s intereting.

  2. binkley734 says:

    It’s very fascinating what people believed back then.

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