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News Discussion- Wk 11- EC

In “Hygiene For Health” from Achieve3000, it talks about how ancient India kept up their hygiene and health. Their medicine system was called Ayurveda. They believed that stress causes diseases. Ancient India started shampooing with different kinds of oil to have shiny hair and to have a goodnight’s sleep. They would also use oils on […]

News Disscussion- Wk 10

  For the News Discussion, the article that I choose is Three Monmentual Women from Achieve. It talks about how Central Park in New York has many statues in it. But, there are no statues of real women. This is about to change because in August 2020 there was a new statue was unveiled. It […]

Mind Map- Week 8

I chose to do a Mind Map for week 8 Here is the link:

Book Reflection- Week 7

The book that I read was, All the Missing Girls, by Megan Miranda. The book is about a girl named Nic Farrell. In her teenage years, her best friend went missing and was never found. Nic returns back to Cooley Ridge, her hometown, to help with her dad that is in bad condition. When she […]