Fall is here!

We have been having a wonderful start to our school year! The students have adapted and adjusted well to their kindergarten or first grade year. Many new friendships are being developed! It’s so enjoyable to watch the children interact with one another, smile, laugh, and enjoy being at school. It’s been so fun and exciting working with each of the students and getting to know their personalities. I am so impressed with how hard each of the students work day in and day out. I can truly tell that each student is giving it their all! I am truly thankful to have a job that I love and look forward to coming to every single day!

We have been moving right along with our Equals Math Curriculum. This month, we have learned about the color orange and the shape of a triangle. We have had many fun experiences through music, videos, art projects, and hands on activities.

Last week, we had our fall school picture day. While it was a bit tiring and overwhelming, we made it through! Tomorrow we have hearing screenings and then our fire safety program from the firefighters at our local fire department. It’s always neat to see the big fire truck and all of the equipment that the firefighters use to keep us safe. I will be sure to take some pictures tomorrow!


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