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December 6, 2014


We are well into the second marking period and I am seeing so much wonderful progress with the third graders! Our schedule has been a little off with the holidays upon us and special events taking place during our school day, but the students have been able to work with all of our changes.

Reading: In reading we have been working on main idea and supporting details quite a bit. The students are learning to read a passage and implicitly determine the main idea. This week we worked on comparing and contrasting through many different activities. We used a book and nonfiction passages to compare and contrast moths and butterflies. WE also read a book about colonial life and compared it to our lives today. On Friday, the students listened to My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother and compared the main characters. They were then put into groups to read short picture books and compare the characters they read about. The class worked so well together and I heard some great conversations about the characters from the books. This week we will be continuing our work with compare and contrast with the main selection from Reading Street, I Wanna Iguana. This is such a fun story and I’m excited to share it with the students!

On Friday, December 12th the students earned a celebration for their awesome behavior. They voted on a beach reading day and we will be spending part of our morning laying on beach towels, reading our favorite books, and listening to ocean music.

Writing: I have met with all of the third grade classes to write a short narrative piece. The students all wrote to the same prompt and turned in some well done pieces. For the next round of writing lessons, we will be working on adding dialogue to our narrative stories.

Math: In math, we have started our unit on measurement. Last week we spend time learning about elapsed time and I am impressed with how quickly the students have picked up on this new skill. We are moving to counting, comparing, and making change with money this week.

I have been giving the students timed multiplication tests twice a week and I have seen such and improvement since we first started. The students seem to be practicing much more and many are moving up through each fact set easily! Our ice cream social will be held in the spring so the students have plenty of time to practice and master these facts!

Odds & Ends:

Picture Retake Day – 12/8 PM

No School, Christmas Vacation – 12/24 -1/2

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Have a wonderful weekend!


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