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February 1, 2014


We were lucky to have a FULL week of school last week! It seems like they have been few and far between. The third marking period is in full swing and the students are working hard!

Reading: We read the main selection A Symphony of Whales and worked with the skill of generalizing. Students read books in small reading groups related to our main selection and many students were very interested in the topic of beached whales. We had some wonderful discussions! This week we will be moving to cause and effect as well as making predictions as we read the story Around One Cactus.

Writing: Many students are wrapping up their expository writing pieces. Last week we took a look at adding dialogue into our writing. Students were able to practice by making up their own conversations between two characters. We are preparing for our second writing sample which will take place in just a few short weeks. Students will be working with Google Docs. this week to set up a space to share their writing. I’m anxious to see how much they all have grown since our first writing sample in the fall!

Math: We are busy with fractions! Last week we looked at fractions of a set, comparing fractions, and the different parts of a fraction. Students compared fractions by looking at a picture representation. This week we will continue our work with fractions and practice a few skills from earlier in the year as well.

We are also focusing on multiplication at this time. Multiplication fluency  is to be mastered by the end of the third marking period. It would be beneficial for all students to practice their basic facts at home each night.

Social Studies: Students finished working on their presentations and essays on Friday. We will present our information about urban, rural, and suburban life this week. Looking ahead, we will begin our science unit on landforms on Monday.

Odds & Ends:

Feb. 5th.-Early Dismissal

Feb. 14th- No School

I will be sending home information this week about our small Valentine’s Day celebration which will take place on Feb. 13th

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you,

Miss Gentile

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