My future career

Hi as you can see in the title I will be talking about my future career. When I grow up I want to become a graphic designer because I love art. I started doing digital art when I was 9 and now I’m 11. I started giving art to friends, and then one day some guy asked”How much money would you take for that drawing” . Then I said ” oh do you really want THIS drawing?” He said yes I do want it, so I sold it to him for $5:00. That is how I started my “quest” on art. I feel like graphic design would be a good job for me because I love art.

A Song

In reading class today we had to present either a poster or a song about the constitution. What my group and I did was a poster and a song. My friend Leksi and I sang the song and read part of the  poster while my friend Lola just read the poster. I was VERY nervous to sing, but when I got up there I felt a lot better because I looked around the room I saw people actually listened to my song. This was a really fun project!

Global Goals

For our first quarter project and topic was about the global goal. For the project we had to create a product and make a sales pitch. My partner and I made a product for gender equality. It was called Schooling djojo, and it helped girls from other places to get the proper schooling. How it worked was that there would be articles about women who helped with gender problems, and there was also a survey for all girls to get the proper placement for school. For this I had to dress up like a nerd, but it was still fun!


The past three days I was on a reading streak at home I read like 3 short chapter books. One of the chapter books was Sisters. I really like this book because it was all about these two sisters going on a long road trip. This book is a graphic novel, and has humor and drama. I hope you read this because it is a great book!


So I might not be reading this book right now, but I still love the book. The book is called smile, it is a graphic novel.  It is about a girl named Raina and she fell and messed up her two front teeth. The story is about her travels with boys, drama, moving from middle school to highschool, and her teeth. You should really read this book if you like drama and comedy.


So a while ago I read a book called drama. It was one of my favorite graphic novel. It is about a girl named Cassie, and she is part of a stage crew. It is a wonderful book, and if you like drama, romance, and comedy this is for you.


I know I know I already put up on about a book that I am already reading but I wanted to talk about another book i’m reading it is called Matched (as you can see in the title) I really like this book and I recommend it. It is a book about a girl named Cassia and she i getting matched. But then something happens she has two people to choose and then… I’m going to save the rest for you to find out