February 6

Nemo’s Theme!!

The movie Nemo has a theme of “Love Conquers All”.  To prove, it up opens up with two clownfish who are guarding their eggs.  Then when a shark attacks and eats everything but the dad and one egg, everything seems lost.  Later when Marlin (Nemo’s dad) loses his son to the divers he leaves and crosses the sea to get him back. Through jellyfish forests and currents with sea turtle,s Marlin with the help of Dory continues to search for his son.  When the divers drop him off at the dentist Nemo meets the other fish in the fish tank. Once they hear his tale they show empathy by helping him escape out of the dentist office. In the end with all the combined efforts of fellow sea creatures the Marlin and Nemo are  finally reunited with each other. This comes to show that even though they were hundreds of miles apart through love they are brought together again. Therefore showing the overall theme of “Love Conquers All”

December 20

Author’s Purpose

In the text “People unfamiliar with cooking are turning too YouTube videos for help”, the Author’s Purpose was to inform the reader of the rising trend of people watching cooking videos on YouTube. The text proves this when it shows how online cooking videos are getting increasingly popular. You can also tell this when the author mentions one of the channels they mention is “Tasty” which has now over 500,000 subscribers. These are people like Will Matson, they watch the videos very frequently.

December 20

Hatchet: Next Step

After Brian finds out that his mom was secretly dating another man, his parents get a divorce.  While flying to his dad’s house to spend the summer the pilot has a heart attack and dies.  Brian the decides to crash land the plane in a pond, after he swims up somehow surviving the crash, he find that his head is badly bruised and his muscles tight.  He sleeps till morning, but the morning brings mobs of mosquitoes and flies.

If I was in the situation that Brian is in I would, hunt for food with the hatchet which I think is still attached to his belt.  Then I would seek out sticks in the woodland that surrounds me, and start a fire.  The fire would be a beacon to alert people of my location, as well as heating me up.  The smoke it sets off would also keep the mosquitoes and flies away, protecting me from future attacks.