Keystone List #3

“Habit 1: Be Reactive” (5) Here he differentiates between being

Keystone List #3

“Habit 1: React, blame all your problems on your parents” (7) Here Covey differentiates between being reactive and proactive by

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Start of Something New

The beginning of a new year is a beautiful of both trepidation and excitement. You are able to start fresh from the year before and forge new hobbies, friendships, interests, and reputations. Despite your achievements or memories from last year, there is something invigorating about the ability to practically press the reset button on your school life. Use this to your advantage! Change the things you wish you had done differently last year or simply want to try new this year. Don’t be afraid to take risks, strike up new conversations, or explore something different. If you decide that you would rather try something else- you can. High School is a microcosm of life wherein you can explore the world you will soon enter. Experience all that you can, because once you leave high school you are often set up on a path to a destination you chose there.


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