March 24

Tips On How To Leave A Comment: STUBC#17


Tip 1: Complement the writer in a specific way.

Tip 2: Add new information.

Tip 3: Make a connection.

Tip 4: End with a question.

Tip 5: Proofread your comment.


Tip 1 Talks about of how you should comment on one part of the main idea so they understand what you are talking about.  


Tip 2 Talk about how you should add facts, details, and questions as you type.

Tip 3 Talks about how you can comment and if they reply you started a connection so then you can learn about each other and comment.


Tip 4 Talks about ending with a question so if someone talks about a topic then you could ask a question and maybe the will reply with an answer.

Tip 5 Talks about how you should check you work before posting.  


There is also Star, Wishes, and Wonders.


Star: A Star is a sentence about what you enjoyed about the post or a positive response.


Wishes: A Wish is something that you wish the author included in their text that told more about the story.


Wonders: A Wonder is what you wonder what will happen in the text that the author didn’t include  in text.   


December 21


By: Frieda

I think Deforestation is an issue kids should worry about because…  


This deforestation is the clearing of forests on a large scale.  It occurs most heavily in tropical rainforests.  So if deforestation continues at its current rate , it will take less than 100 years to destroy all rainforest on earth.  So think what is are future going to look like, and is destroying trees really worth it.  Another reason why we should worry about deforestation is because forest cover about 30% of earth’s land.  And what will happen to the plants and animals if we don’t have have trees where they live.  


Some people might argue because of tropical deforestation is subsistence agriculture: converting the land into pasture for livestock or to grow crops, in order to provide for one’s family. So we should find a way to provide for families but still stop chopping trees down.  


This is why I think deforestation is an issue kids should worry about.