December 21


By: Frieda

I think Deforestation is an issue kids should worry about because…  


This deforestation is the clearing of forests on a large scale.  It occurs most heavily in tropical rainforests.  So if deforestation continues at its current rate , it will take less than 100 years to destroy all rainforest on earth.  So think what is are future going to look like, and is destroying trees really worth it.  Another reason why we should worry about deforestation is because forest cover about 30% of earth’s land.  And what will happen to the plants and animals if we don’t have have trees where they live.  


Some people might argue because of tropical deforestation is subsistence agriculture: converting the land into pasture for livestock or to grow crops, in order to provide for one’s family. So we should find a way to provide for families but still stop chopping trees down.  


This is why I think deforestation is an issue kids should worry about.

December 13

It’s A Party!

               New Years Party!!!

                                          By: Owen and Freida

                           You’re Invited!!

                       ( If you can’t make it call ahead of time 12/28/16   354-250-4977 )

When: December 31st at 6:00 PM

Where: 2502 Smith Ave, 23rd street,

Why: To Celebrate The New Year 2017

Please participate in Bringing a hot or cold dish and please participate in bringing your snow suits if it snows. ( We are providing food too )

We will keep you updated if anything happens.  

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December 9

The Man Who Named The Clouds Poem

By: Frieda and Owen

The man who named the clouds wanted to tower

He looked up at the sky and dreamt of names

Who was this man that loved the sky… Luke Howard was his name

But, his work was long and definitely not games

Learning about clouds was fun

Especially when trying to names the ones that look like buns

When clouds get dark he wants to say let It rain all day

So when the clouds are twirling and spinning that means he says let it go

When it touches the ground everybody needs to know to GET DOWN!!

November 29

All About 4th Grade

By: Frieda  

In our 4th grade we have to work a lot.  So this how we do our work during our school day.   First we had to get to school some how so we take the bus to school.  I usually get picked up at 8:21 with my brother.   When we get to school the buses dismiss us to class.  When we get to class then we start are day.  

We start are day by getting prepared we each have about 10 minutes to get our computers, chose our lunch, get our folders, and doing our morning jobs to help out the teacher, then go onto this website called Qwerty Town for a little typing practice to start our day.  Next we gather up our stuff, line up in the hallway, then from 9:00 to 11:40 we head to reading class.  In reading class we start with intervention.  Intervention is where our teacher gathers with a group of students that come from a different class in our grade and works with them and while the teacher is doing that the rest of us work on a website called Achieve3000.  Then after that our teacher goes over what we’re doing today usually we do groups, and groups are we’re we split the classroom into three groups.  One of the is direct and in direct we work with are teacher like read book and work on our computers and write a lot of stories and do a lot of work with the teacher.  Another group is called collaborative and it is where we work with are assigned partners on stories and of course we blog and other partner work.  The last group is called independent and independent is where we can’t talk and we are focused on doing are class work and computer work and we go onto this website called google classroom where are teacher gives us our directions for actually all the groups.

When the groups are done we get our homework and head back to home room where we unpack our reading folders and then we go to specials from 11:40 till 12:30.  Specials are when each class goes to a different classroom and 1 of those classrooms is library.  Library is where are class goes and learns about books and all about we usually get to take home library books to read at home.  The 2nd special is music.  Music is a place where are class learns about instruments and music notes.  The 3rd special is gym.  Gym is where we do a lot of running activities and learn to be a cooperative group. The 4th special is STEM stands for Science, Technology, Energy, and Math stem a place where we can learn about technology and I think it is very helpful for my learning.  The final special is art.  Art is a place where we can use are creativity to do an art project that are teacher assigned us.

After special we go back to homeroom and do social studies.  Social studies are about 12:30-12:55 social studies is when are class learn mostly about are history and how are community work and what it does to the Earth.  Then after social studies we line up at the door and go to recess.  Recess is about 10 minutes.  When recess is over we go to lunch.  Then after lunch we go straight to math.  Math is about 1:45-3:45.  Math like reading are teacher goes over what we are going to do that day.  We also do groups like reading but a little different.  At direct we do math problems with the teacher and we also learn about different ways to solve different problems.  And at collaborative we work with a partner and do a math worksheet and go over are skills and what we have done with the teacher.  And in independent we go on to a website called Xtramath and once we’re done with Xtramath we go onto another website called st math.  Then we have another recess and it is 20 minutes.  Once recess is over we go back to work for about 40 minutes then once we are done with math we switch back into our homerooms we back up like get our computers plugged in, get our folders put away, and get our book bags and sit down.  Then our teacher dismisses us we get onto the bus and go home.  And that is are usual school day!

November 18

The Tale Of Timmy The Tricky Turtle By: Frieda

Once by the Ocean at Sand Shell Beach was one tiny turtle.  This turtle wasn’t any ordinary turtle he was the tricky turtle named Timmy.  He would always steal the precious pearls from the clams.  Take the food from people and blame it on the seagulls.  there was one turtle who knew that something had to be done.

His name was Washy the wise turtle. He knew there was something to be done.  So one day while Timmy was relaxing along the shore Washy was ready to get him so he kept a close eye on him, but maybe he kept his eye on him a little too long that when he was ready to get him he fell right into a hole. Timmy bursted into laughter and chanting “ha ha ha ha I got you.” Washy got so mad so he knew he was going to get him back.

So the next day Washy found his TO DO LIST so he read it and there was only one thing on it and it was RELAX ON THE HOT SUNNY BEACH.  So since it mostly sounded like he was going to do it all day Washy had all the time he wanted to do his little prank.  And on that very day Washy found Timmy relaxing in hot sun so Washy picked up a bucket of icy cold water and walked up to Timmy and dumped it right on Timmy!  Timmy shot right up screaming in coldness and Washy snuck away without saying a word.

The next day Washy was going to see what Timmy was doing and Timmy said that he was going to need to wake up at 5:00 in the morning so he can go hang out with his friends.  So Washy going to turn his alarm OFF so he would not wake up on time and miss his group of friends.  So that is what exactly happened when Timmy got out of bed he was so disappointed and then Washy overheard Timmy saying “I don’t like these pranks anymore.”  “I know.” Said Washy.  “What, you did this to me.”   “Why?” said Timmy in shock.   “Well Timmy if you don’t like these pranks then why do you do them to other Animals?”  Said Washy in a very serious way.  “Well I thought it was funny but now I understand.”  Said Timmy.  “Well Timmy do you think you should stop?”  Said Washy  “Yes.”  Said Timmy.  And since that day on Timmy never did a prank again.  Turtle, Ocean, Sea, Sea Turtle, Sunset, Beach, Island      This picture came from

November 18

Dolphins Are Heroes

     Dolphins Are Heroes By: Owen And Freida

So dolphins are really friendly and really smart.  Some people think they’re smarter than humans.  Dolphins are heroes to people because they saved drowning sailors and rescued people from sharks because dolphins can kill sharks.                                  Did you know??

    ( One side of a dolphin’s body is off and the other side is active )

Dolphins are the world’s friendliest creatures in the sea.  You can have so much fun with dolphins.  Sometime you can hold on to it’s top fin and then the dolphins will swim and you will go so fast.     

How do dolphins save people, well dolphins save people by their fins and the people grab onto the dolphins fin and the dolphins take them to the shore.  How do dolphins know what to do, You see dolphins are really really smart and they know where to go and what to do.  So think about this, What would happen if the dolphin fought a shark. Who will win. Leave answer in the comments.

                                    Dolphin       Or         Shark

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November 10

Red Ribbon Week

(Monday is wear red) It means to wear red and be healthy. (Tuesday is Backwards day) It means wear your shirts backwards and turn you back on bad choices and make good choices. (Wednesday is wear yellow) It means to wear yellow and bee safe because bees are yellow. (Thursday is walk to school) It means we walk to school from a place near the school and why we walk it we walk away from drugs. (Friday is wear school colors) It means to get in the spirit of being healthy and drug free.