December 18

VR Experience in LA

Today our Language Arts class was able to use the VR headsets to experience what a product engineer’s job looks like.  As a class, we followed the process of designing a product; from the original drawings, to the prototypes, to creating, editing, manufacturing, and producing a product.  The students were able to connect this experience to their own task of designing a holiday toy that will be a hit with kids their age!  What a great first experience using the VR headsets!


October 17

Getting Outside to Learn!

Yesterday during inquiry, our class went outside to observe and record death, decay, and growth on our playground.  Many students noticed the live animals next door, while others focused on things they found inside the school’s fence.  The tree frequently visited by spotted lantern flies was a popular one! The students had a fun time doing this activity, and will use their chart to continue our study of decay and ecosystems.



August 14

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Welcome students!  I am so exciting to have you in my classroom this year!  Fourth grade is an exciting year of growth. I look forward to meeting each and everyone of you soon!

Parents, as you may know, the elementary grades are continuing with a rotational learning model this year.  Your child will be participating in small group direct instruction, collaborative, and independent activities daily for math and language arts.  While your child will be with his/her homeroom teacher at the beginning of the day for specials and at the end of the day.    He/she may be with another teacher for Language Arts, and Science/Social Studies.  They may be with another teacher for Math.    Because of this instructional model, we feel it is very important to establish a strong fourth grade community.  We will strive for this by doing whole grade team building events and activities throughout the school year.

Throughout the school year, these groupings may change based on student needs.  We will keep you informed of changes to your child’s instruction.  Please feel to reach out if you have any questions or concerns!

Come meet me!  I would love to get to know each of you!  Back to school night at Brecknock Elementary is September 5th, from 6:30 – 8:00.