I think that the new COVID-19 virus also known as the coronavirus is a serious disease and it should be taken seriously. It depends if schools are going to close or not because there has to be people infected with the virus to make schools close. Unless schools want to be cautious about the whole situation. Our own school has a 50/50 chance to close because of how close the spreading virus is from our county. In general, I think many schools across the United States will indeed be closing due to the coronavirus. As you know, Montgomery county is only 2 counties away from Lancaster County, which is not that far away. Pennsylvania government is currently deciding which schools should close and which should not. But for right now, Brecknock Elementary School is open!

Currently, my guess is that if our school were to close, It would be at least 2-5 weeks based on the rising chances of schools having to close down for a couple weeks, Brecknock could be one of them. To summarize this post, the recent COVID-19 virus is sure to have schools closing, and possibly ours.