The Census is an ongoing traditional thing government officials do every year to support businesses with the amount of money needed for them to live a steady lifestyle with enough money to support loved ones. The census also counts how many people there are to see if the number of representatives for each state should be changed. It’s important to count Americans into the census because government officials need this vital information. If Americans didn’t do the census or they gave false information, the entire system would be messed up. So take part in the census!!!


Earth day!

Mother nature has granted us a great day to support and take care of our environment. This day is called Earth Day! We should all take care of our ecosystem because many citizens decide to destroy it. Thanks to many people across the globe, deforestation is a growing problem. But there are many caring citizens across the world wanting to take a stand for this crisis. All you need to do is something daily to help the environment, something weekly, and something yearly. Those 3 steps are the future to a happy and healthy environment. All you have to do each day is to recycle! You could also ride your bike to a certain place reducing the carbon dioxide in our air. Also, each year you could plant a tree helping you and your family breathe clean air. We all know that we have been going through many growing problems in the last few months, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do something as little as being happy and healthy!


Helping neighbors during quarantine

I suppose it’s day 35 of quarantine. My neighbors are known to have enough supplies to live a sustainable quarantine life. The only thing that my neighbors are known for doing is mowing the lawn or working on the gardens that they have on the front lawn. I couldn’t necessarily do anything to help them since I had to focus on my own safety and my family’s safety. If they were to ask me to help them I would do it, because if I said no that would be rude. To summarize, My neighbors and I are living in good conditions and would gladly help each other if needed.


What I learned about April’s “Supermoon”.

On April 7th, A supermoon will occur. A supermoon is when the moon is the largest and brightest throughout the entire year. The moon is about 7% larger and 15% brighter.  It happens at exactly 10:35 P.M. There isn’t a certain area that you can see it perfectly, so you can watch it inside your own house! I hope you enjoy April’s supermoon!!


Should Schools close because of the coronavirus?

I think that the new COVID-19 virus also known as the coronavirus is a serious disease and it should be taken seriously. It depends if schools are going to close or not because there has to be people infected with the virus to make schools close. Unless schools want to be cautious about the whole situation. Our own school has a 50/50 chance to close because of how close the spreading virus is from our county. In general, I think many schools across the United States will indeed be closing due to the coronavirus. As you know, Montgomery county is only 2 counties away from Lancaster County, which is not that far away. Pennsylvania government is currently deciding which schools should close and which should not. But for right now, Brecknock Elementary School is open!

Currently, my guess is that if our school were to close, It would be at least 2-5 weeks based on the rising chances of schools having to close down for a couple weeks, Brecknock could be one of them. To summarize this post, the recent COVID-19 virus is sure to have schools closing, and possibly ours.


Lake Louise

   After I visited Lake Louise, I was thrilled to tell you about everything about it.


Lake Louise is located in Alberta, Canada. Lake Louise is in a National Park, so you need to have a national park pass. Park passes cost $101.18 each, no matter what the age. The days and hours of operation are, Monday through Friday: 11:00 A.M- 5:00 P.M. Weekends are 10:30 A: M- 6:00 P.M.


You will have to park anywhere from the parking lot to the streets, it is free to park! Some people would ask “What should I wear?”. You should probably wear layers of clothing since Canada’s weather is mostly snowy or cold, Boots and gloves would be an acceptable choice as well. You should also bring a camera since there are many astonishing things at Lake Louise, and you should bring a water bottle.


Here are some places that you should know about in Lake Louise! Such as the Lake Louise ski resort, the resort has many trails to ski and snowboard! If you don’t know how to ski there are lessons available. You could also go dog sledding, dog sledding is located in the national park. Dog sledding takes about 20 minutes to do! Another thing to do is visiting Mount Norquay! Mount Norquay is also located in Banff national park (which is the national park I’ve been talking about). At Mount Norquay, you can go hiking which would take you about 1-3 hours. You could also go eat at the many lodges at Mount Norquay, but the food is pretty expensive. The last place you could visit is Moraine Lake! (I think that’s how you pronounce it). Moraine Lake is where you could do many activities. For example, you could go fishing, if the weather is right. You could also go kayaking,, if the weather is right. So it all depends if the weather is right.


In conclusion, Lake Louis would probably take 5 days depending on the activities you do and the amount you spend at those activities. Lake Louise is an amazing place with many amazing things to do!


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