What’s Happening in 3rd Grade?

No more snow?!?

Post for week of February 17, 2014

Coming up this month in Third Grade….

- We will be moving to our temporary room at the end of this month while our current room is being renovated. Our temporary room will be located in the new wing, past the library. We will be there for two months!

- Fractions and Word Problems in Math!

- Landforms in Social Studies!

- Author Visit!

Here is hoping to no more snow! :)

-Ms. Gerhard

Coming Up!

Post for week of January 13, 2013

Coming up this month in Third Grade…..

- Star Reading and Star Math assessments!

- Expository Writing!

- Quarter Two Math Assessment!

- Report Card distribution!

- Learning about Communities!

- Writing Sample!


Thanks for reading as always!

Ms. Gerhard


It Has Been Too Long!

Post for week of December 2, 2013

I apologize for not posting for a bit of time! Conferences came and went then it was off to Thanksgiving break! I hope everyone had a nice holiday!

Our class has been busy learning and doing lots of new things!

- We had a Harvest Celebration with Mrs. Adam’s class! Every two third graders were paired with one of Mrs. Adam’s buddies. Each group enjoyed three centers where they had a blast, but also got to know each other as new friends! It was a fantastic visit :)

- We finished up our Multiplication unit and will now focus heavily on Multiplication Fluency. Information came home in the Friday Folders about our daily multiplication fluency quizzes that we will take at the beginning of every math lesson. Please contact me if you have any questions!

- We will be finishing up our narratives before Christmas and delve into Informational Writing when we return in January!

- We will be saying good-bye to Miss Robbins this Friday. We were so lucky to have her for the last three weeks and wish her the best of luck in the future!

- On Friday December 20, we will be having a Pizza, Pajama and Movie party to celebrate the holiday as a gift from me to my wonderful students :) Everything will be provided! Be on the look out for more information coming home in Friday Folders.

Have a great holiday season and a very Happy New Year! Thank you for making this year one of my best yet! I will be back to blogging in 2014!


Ms. Gerhard




Online Tools to Try at Home!

Post for week of November 4, 2013

We have begun to use some additional online tools that help us practice and apply important reading and math skills. All of the tools can also be used at home! I encourage you to have your child use these tools at home for important extra practice!

1. Moby Max- Your child takes a pretest and is placed on his/her current level. Each lesson begins with a small teaching video then practice and application of the skill. Your child can earn badges and game time as he/she practices and answers questions correctly!!

2. Book Adventure- Your child reads a book of interest to him/her, finds the book on the website and takes a quiz about the book. I always encourage to students to have the book with them when they take the quiz because if they don’t know an answer to the question they should go back to the story, an important skill we practice daily! As a motivation, students earn points as they take quizzes! Monthly prizes are given at Brecknock for the high point earners!

You can find the links to these websites on the Web Tools page of this blog.

See you this week at conferences!


Miss Gerhard


Happy November!

Post for week of October 28

Wow! I cannot believe it is already November! The first quarter of our year is over and lots of progress has been accomplished! I am looking forward to reviewing your child’s progress with you at conferences. Please bring any questions and concerns with you. The Quarterly Math Assessment will be reviewed with you at conference time. If you would like to see it prior to our meeting, please let me know.

Mrs. Hilt came into our class last week and reviewed with our class how to create a post and comment on a post on Kid Blog! Our first posts should be finished by the end of the week!


Ms. Gerhard


I am Unafraid!

Post for week of October 14

We attended an assembly entitle “I am Unafraid” on Friday morning. Students learned ways to deal with bullying from Jay Banks. Ask your child about the assembly and ask to see the study guide we completed to review and respond to what we learned!

I   am…



A- Avoid Bullies

F- Find a Friend

R- Report Bullying

A- Act Confident




Ms. Gerhard


Agriculture Day!

Post for week of October 7

On Tuesday October 15, we will be visiting Brubaker Park for the annual Agriculture Day! Students from the high school create, plan and implement centers that review all of the information we learned about Agriculture. When we return, we will be creating Google Presentations on our favorite centers. Stay tuned!


1. NO SCHOOL on Monday October 14.

2. There will be no updates to the Language Arts or Spelling Pages because we will be continuing our review week. We will start Unit 2 on Monday October 21.


Miss Gerhard


Measuring Away!

Post for Week of September 23, 2013

This week in Math, we began our study of Measurement. One of the expected math proficiencies for this quarter is to measure to the nearest 1/4 inch. We will continue our study on Monday and then practice again in October. Please encourage your child to measure items around your house to the nearest quarter inch for extra practice!

I will be out of school on Friday and Monday, therefore there will be no Peek at the Weeks, no Blog Post and no Blog updates this coming week.

Next week, we will be reviewing Unit 1 in Reading Street so there will be no new information posted on the Blog.

Please contact me with any questions!


Ms. Gerhard


Digging Deeper

Post for Week of September 16, 2013

In Reading Street this week, we spent time digging deeper into our story “Kumak’s Fish”. We listened to it, read it independently and read it together. We discussed characters, setting and plot. We discussed the sequence of events and what clue words clued us into the event sequence. We talked about how we connected to the story. Next, we compared “Kumak’s Fish” to a newspaper article about fishing and discussed similarities and differences for- characters, genre, events, etc. What amazing reading occured!!

Coming up this week….

- Star Reading testing on Monday!

- Data Analysis and Measuring in Math!


Thanks for another great week third grade!


Miss Gerhard



Gym, Art, Library, Music, Computer Lab, OH MY!

Post for Week of September 9, 2013

Our class has received fantastic reports from our specialists this week! Our class was working hard, following directions, being respectful and having fun! Nice job third grade!

Coming up this week…. Spelling and Reading Street Test on Friday, Star Math on Friday afternoon.

I hope you had a nice weekend!


Ms. Gerhard


Another Great Week!

Post for week of September 2, 2013

This week, our class was Lunch Buddies with Miss Boyer’s class. Every student got the chance to play with our friends from Miss Boyer’s class at recess and help them transition from recess to lunch. Miss Boyer also came to our weekly class meeting to talk to us about what autism is and answer questions we had about kids with autism. We had great discussions!

We also attended a Science Explorers assembly where we learned and watched some amazing experiments! Information came home this week about how you can sign your child up for the Science Explorers club at Brecknock! Contact the office with any questions.

It was great to meet every one at Meet the Teacher night! Thanks for coming!


Ms. Gerhard


WOW! What an amazing first week!

Post for week of August 26, 2013

Our classroom family had so much fun getting to know each other by playing Musical Questions, POP that Question and Find a Friend! As we were getting acquainted with one another, we had our first class meeting and discussed:

  •  making our classroom rules
  •  what we need from the teacher to have a successful year
  •  what we need from each other to have a successful year
  •  how we are different and unique
  •  accepting and embracing how we are all different

I hope you have a great four-day weekend! A few reminders for next week…

  1.  Don’t forget to bring a water bottle and snack every day!
  2.  Spelling Test on Friday September 6th!
  3.  Meet the Teacher Night on Thursday September 5th!

I look forward to meeting everyone at Meet the Teacher Night!


Ms. Gerhard






Happy New School Year!

I am so excited to meet each of you and learn about you! Take a couple of minutes to read a little about me below!

Fifteen Fast Facts About Miss Gerhard

What facts do you want others to know about you? Start to think about it and get ready to share them!

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